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Indianapolis, IN

Purchase Price:  $8,300,000

Units:  165

Vintage:  1987

Class:  C+

Hold Period:  10 Years

Preferred Return:  8%

Equity Split:  70% LP / 30% GP

Avg. Cash on Cash:  11.3%​

IRR Estimate:  15.5%

Equity Multiple:  3X

Debt Type:  Bridge to HUD 223F

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Clearwater, FL

Purchase Price:  $55,750,000

Units:  416

Vintage:  1975

Class:  B

Hold Period:  5 Years

Preferred Return:  10%*

Equity Split:  0%*

Avg. Cash on Cash:  10%*​

IRR Estimate:  10%*

Equity Multiple:  1.5X*

Debt Type:  Senior Loan

*Applies to Class A Limited Partners Only

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